44 million

There are 44 million student loan borrowers in the United States, and the number continues to rise at an accelerating rate.

1 in 4

Roughly 25% of borrowers are in default or late on their payments, which can hurt their credit score for years to come.

1.4 trillion

Outstanding student debt has more than tripled from $400 billion in 2005 to $1.3 trillion in 2015.


A Staggering Burden

Rising tuition costs and predatory lending practices have contributed to staggering debt loads for borrowers. This financial burden wreaks havoc on the lives of the tens of millions of Americans who have borrowed or cosigned student loans, trapping many in a cycle of debt and delaying major life decisions such as buying a home, having children, and saving for retirement. 


A Complex System

Navigating various borrowing options can be complex and time consuming, exacerbating the burden of student loan borrowers. Borrowers have an array of federal loan types and need to choose from a long and complex list of repayment options. Failure to understand the nuances of different options can have serious consequences for borrowers; for example, hundreds of thousands of borrowers have been disqualified from income-based repayment programs for inadequate documentation.